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Sanitary Septic System Design

We offer conventional septic system design services for single-family dwellings in those areas of Southampton Township that are outside High Priority Water Quality Improvement Areas (WQI) We have an established relationship with the Suffolk County Department of Health Services (SCDHS) engineers and inspectors who review and approve septic system designs. Innovative Alternative - Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (I/A-OWTS) which have low nitrogen discharge rates are required in WQI areas. A Professional Engineer develops the design plans for these systems. We can refer you to one of the many local engineers we work with. Single-family septic system designs in Suffolk County are based on the number of bedrooms in a dwelling.

The design of a septic system requires an understanding of the soil and groundwater conditions in the vicinity of the proposed system. A soil test hole conducted by a qualified contractor will provide a log of the soil types and layers as well as the depth to groundwater if encountered. Some soil types will require larger excavations and bringing in clean sand for backfill during the construction of a new system. We can refer you to a qualified contractor.

There are specific restrictions on the placement of sanitary disposal systems near water supplies, basements, foundations, neighboring properties, swimming pools, and other structures. SCDHS requires that the location of all wells and septic systems on neighboring properties within 150 feet be shown on a new system design plan. This information is sometimes available from the local Building Department but not always. In some circumstances obtaining this information can be very difficult and result in delays to the permit process. Our firm has developed effective procedures for getting this information in nearly all situations.

Please review the Health Department Applications service section for additional information.

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