F. Michael Hemmer Land Surveyor

Health Department Applications

The Suffolk County Department of Health Services (SCDHS) requires that improvements to a dwelling that will increase the number of bedrooms, be reviewed and approved for sanitary waste disposal capacity. We can design a sanitary system for you and submit your application to SCDHS. Floor plans from an architect are required as part of an SCDHS application package.  Fees for the application vary according to the whether potable water is supplied to a particular property from a well or a pubic water main.  If a public water main is within 1,000 feet of a property, it is probable that SCDHS will require the potable water source to be changed from a well to the public supply.  An SCDHS approved (red stamped) Proposed Plot Plan is required as supporting documentation for a Town or Village Building Permit application.

When a project is completed and inspected, supporting documents such as septic system abandonment and septic system installation forms, either a water quality test from a certified testing laboratory or a Suffolk County Water Authority confirmation of service letter, and the final Certificate of Occupancy survey are submitted to SCDHS. After the final Certificate of Occupancy (CO) Survey is approved (green stamped) by SCDHS, it may then be submitted to the Town or Village in order to obtain the Certificate of Occupancy.

Please review the Septic System Design service section for additional information.

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