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  • Title Survey & Boundary Surveys

    When you purchase a home you are buying the rights of the land, physical improvements on the land, the airspace above, and, in most cases, the mineral rights of the earth below.  A Title Survey map will depict the location of visible and identifiable improvements such as dwellings, garages, driveways, sheds and pools, and will also show evidence of possession such as fences, hedges and tree lines.

  • FEMA Elevation Certificates

    The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Insurance program requires that an Elevation Certificate be completed by a Licensed Land Surveyor. A FEMA Elevation Certificate and a flood insurance policy are often required by mortgage lending institutions prior to closing a purchase transaction.

  • Topographic Surveys

    Topographic surveys depict the terrain (vertical character) of the land by showing contour lines on the survey map that are labeled with the elevation. A contour line follows the lay of the land at the labeled elevation.

  • LiDAR Terrain Modelling

    On some project sites, development of the topographic terrain contours required for a building permit application can be accomplished using LiDAR data. This can offer significant savings over ground survey methods.  We have used LiDAR effectively on many of our clients' projects and have access to complete data for Suffolk County suitable for 2 foot contour topographic mapping.  In areas that were affected by Super Storm Sandy, we have post Sandy data.

  • Health Department Applications

    The Suffolk County Department of Health Services (SCDHS) requires that improvements to a dwelling that will increase the number of bedrooms, be reviewed and approved for sanitary waste disposal capacity. We can design a sanitary system for you and submit your application to SCDHS. Floor plans from an architect are required as part of an SCDHS application package.  Fees for the application vary according to the whether potable water is supplied to a particular property from a well or a pubic water main.  If a public water main is within 1,000 feet of a property, it is probable that SCDHS will require the potable water source to be changed from a well to the public supply.  An SCDHS approved (red stamped) Proposed Plot Plan is required as supporting documentation for a Town or Village Building Permit application.

  • Sanitary Septic System Design

    We offer conventional septic system design services for single-family dwellings in those areas of Southampton Township that are outside High Priority Water Quality Improvement Areas (WQI) We have an established relationship with the Suffolk County Department of Health Services (SCDHS) engineers and inspectors who review and approve septic system designs. Innovative Alternative - Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (I/A-OWTS) which have low nitrogen discharge rates are required in WQI areas. A Professional Engineer develops the design plans for these systems. We can refer you to one of the many local engineers we work with. Single-family septic system designs in Suffolk County are based on the number of bedrooms in a dwelling.

  • Hydrographic Surveys

    A Hydrographic Survey is essentially the same as a topographic survey except the contour lines represent the terrain of the bottom (under water) instead of on the upland surface.

  • ALTA Surveys (Commercial)

    The American Land Title Association (ALTA) is the national trade association and the voice of the abstract and title insurance industry. ALTA and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM) have jointly developed a nationwide set of land surveying standards with the goal of promoting uniformity in survey information.

  • Subdivision Planning & Mapping

    Subdivisions and lot line modification plans have different survey and mapping requirements in Townships of East Hampton, Southampton, Shelter Island and five Villages of our service area.

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